Mary Jo invites you on a journey of self- discovery that results in deep lasting, transformational change. 

A life-enhancing journey that guides you to becoming confident: confident that your decisions can support and sustain you while increasing your effectiveness as a leader, and as a human being.

“For years I thought change at a personal, professional, and/or organizational level was so deep and so challenging that the process would take forever and that it would be a huge struggle.

I have come to learn that we can transform and change ourselves without it taking a long time and without it being an enormous and painful struggle.

And, I walk my talk.  Over twenty years I invested in my own personal and professional development that have supported my coaching & consulting business launched in 2002 … always honoring my core values:
• the worth and dignity of others, 
through richly lived experience (i.e. the highs and lows), 
through integration of mind, body and spirit,
through open-mindedness and inclusivity.”

Deep, Lasting & Transformative Change

It starts when you partner with a skilled professional you fully trust to help you explore with the following offerings:

Coaching: clarifying your desired change to be even more inspirational than you thought possible

Positive Intelligence: exploring unknown areas of beliefs and behaviors that prevent change and limit your possibility for success

Leadership Development: practicing new ways of thinking and new habits to ensure results that stick

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“Mary Jo offers a keen insight into situations and people that promotes open thinking and allows me to see things in a different way. She brings clarity to issues that stand in the way of my success and initiates dialogue necessary for progress. I know that I have not only grown as a leader but also as a person as a result of her executive coaching.

Vicki Smith, CPA, CITP,
Chief Information Officer
Helena Chemical Company

“On a 1-10 scale, Mary Jo was a 15!”

Monica Lutz
Chief Executive Officer
Jet Airways of the U.S.

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