Make Deep, Lasting & Transformative Change

Mary Jo Greil invites you on a journey of self-discovery that results in deep lasting, transformational change. 

A life-enhancing journey that guides you from driving for results to aligning your work in the world with your authentic self.

Partner with a skilled professional you fully trust to explore the following offerings:

Executive Coaching: clarifying your desired change to be even more inspirational and effective than you thought possible.

PQ Group Coaching: exploring virtually with other leaders their unknown areas of beliefs and behaviors that prevent change and limit their possibilities for success. New ways of thinking that increase positive energy, creativity, and resourcefulness are realized through building new mental muscles using Positive Intelligence as well as group support and inspiration.

Leadership Development: practicing new ways of thinking that lead to new habits to ensure results that stick.

Begin a journey that guides you to being more calm, clear-headed, and laser-focused.  This journey can include special attention as you align your work in the world with your authentic self. As you gain a deeper clarity of self, you will experience a greater confidence and relaxed alertness that will sustain you as a leader and a human being.  

“For years I thought change at a personal, professional, and/or organizational level was so deep and so challenging that the process would take forever and that it would be a huge struggle.

I have come to learn that we can transform and change ourselves without it taking a long time and without it being an enormous and painful struggle.

And, I walk my talk.  Over twenty years I invested in my own personal and professional development that have supported my coaching & consulting business launched in 2002 … always honoring my core values:
• the worth and dignity of others, 
• through richly lived experience (i.e. the highs and lows), 
• through integration of mind, body and spirit,
• through open-mindedness and inclusivity.”

— Mary Jo Greil

“You are the one that you have been waiting for” 

— Hopi Elders’ Prophecy, June 8, 2000 

Are you ready to begin your journey? Mary Jo is ready to work with you. Schedule your complimentary 45-minute virtual information session!  Click the link below:

“On a 1-10 scale, Mary Jo was a 15!”

Monica Lutz
Chief Executive Officer
Jet Airways of the U.S.

“Mary Jo offers a keen insight into situations and people that promotes open thinking and allows me to see things in a different way. She brings clarity to issues that stand in the way of my success and initiates dialogue necessary for progress. I know that I have not only grown as a leader but also as a person as a result of her executive coaching.

Vicki Smith, CPA, CITP,
Chief Information Officer
Helena Chemical Company