Crossing out problems and writing solutions on a blackboard.The Power of Positive Change.

Appreciative Inquiry is foundational to all the service offerings of the Carson Greil Group.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is based on the premise that organizations change in the direction in which they inquire. Organizations that primarily inquire into problems keep encountering problems, while those that ask “What is our best?” continue to discover positive traits and grow.

Carson Greil helps organizations to focus on the issues and direct their vision through building on what is working in their system.

Appreciating–valuing…recognizing the best in people…affirming past and present strengths, successes, and potentials is key to moving organizations forward; by implementing the strategy of more “Inquiring,” ideas/perspectives/beliefs of the collective are broaden and built as distinguished from advocating individual agendas.

The Carson Greil team deploys the AI’s “4-D” approach:

  • Discover: What are the strengths of this organization? What is our positive core?
  • Dream: What’s the best future we can imagine?
  • Design: What practices will maximize our positives to reach that future?
  • Destiny: How can we implement those practices to realize our dream?

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Article from AI Practitioner: Youth Voices Revitalizing the Memphis Community