Future Vs Past Life ConceptHave you or your organization seems to hit an impasse, or is “stuck? If unable to move forward financially, creatively, or relationally, this program provides the “unstuck” formula that has proven strategies to propel your organization to “Reignite, Revamp and Revitalize” your results!

Program details:

  • This program is formatted for 1 day or 2 half-day sessions
  • Generally includes 15-25 participants
  • Provides engaging, supportive atmosphere that encourages constructive conversation
  • Enables participants to discover their operating assumptions and beliefs
  • Uses visual display of group work to show links between past, present, and future
  • Helps participants see how change has been a part of organization’s past
  • Stimulates plans and actions for organization’s future
  • Energizes people to work together in renewed way


“I have never seen a more effective process in which the participants left with peace and appreciation with their past, more clarity and being more settled with the present, and hopeful about the future.” Bob Johnson, VP for Student and Information Services, Rhodes College

“Our organization was like being in a muddy river full of debris. Through this session, it was like a net removed all of the debris and a chlorine tablet was added to the water. I may not be willing to drink the water yet, but now I can see.”  Participant Manager, Planning and Sales at a Major Financial Services Company