FuturesPlanningSummitAlign, Plan & Accelerate for Action

Need to engage a critical mass in your organization? The Futures Planning Summit is designed for groups and organizations that have a common purpose, but need to align themselves and move from the planning stage to effective action.

By involving representatives of the whole system in this process, we enable more people to take ownership of the project and thereby accelerate action for results.

Program details:

  • Make it Happen Speedometer Dream Plan Work Achieve GaolThe timeline encompasses 1-2 days
  • Effective results occurs with 50-250 participants
  • Provides an energizing “large group” atmosphere
  • Deploys engaging exercises focusing on the strengths of the organization
  • Enables all stakeholders to give direct input, providing different perspectives through equity of voice
  • Taps into the unique power of convening the whole system (both central and peripheral organizations)
  • Helps group clarify direction, form goals, and develop strategies to meet those goals
  • Fosters team work, accountability, and follow-up

For custom tailored program offerings, contact Mary Jo Greil 


“The summit was an act of transformational leadership…The summit provided a paradigm shift, a movement in the model for a living church.” Jim Griffard, Deacon

“Appreciative Inquiry was a valuable process to engage many people (stakeholders) in focusing on the strengths and value of education for our community”  Cara Koen, Federation Director of Advancement

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