Appreciative Inquiry

Honor The Past; Welcome the Future

Futures Planning Summit

Leading as You Change

Meaningful change is accelerated through engaging others. Carson Greil offers:

  • Experiential programs that are customized to align your stakeholders with your leaders to agree on a shared vision and plan for action.
  • Build on what is already working and align renewed energy thru the strengths-based approach, Appreciative Inquiry


  • Rekindles commitment
  • Leverages existing strengths to meet new challenges
  • Strengthens relationships inside and outside the organization
  • Clarifies focus and improves internal alignment
  • Instills an ongoing sense of curiosity and learning


“Mary Jo has become part of the College of Education family over the past three years.”

“She has helped us focus on what is most important, discover our core aspirations, and grow as an organization. The college is a much better organization because of [her].”  

“I will spread the AI message… it is part of me now!”  Ric Hovda, Former Dean, College of Education, University of Memphis

“Mary Jo has a wonderful ability to see through the fog of bureaucracy and organizational culture to help people find meaningful ways to focus on real work. She helped us push aside the clutter and find clarity. I am so glad we were able to work together.”  Cynthia Ragland, USDA