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Here are all the resources and promotional materials you should need for your newsletter, conference agenda, and website. If you have questions or need additional items, please contact Mary Jo Greil at 901.857.6892 or [email protected]

Speaker Bio:

Mary Jo Greil, EdD:Greil5_0634

Mary Jo has a unique blend of solid experience in directing large-scale organizational change, as well as providing IT and business management thru working in a start-up, mid-cap and Fortune 50 corporation over 20 years. She received two national recognitions for her pioneering work. In 2002, Mary Jo founded the Carson Greil Group, which provides executive coaching, group leadership development, and strategic change consulting services.   Her work also spans local and community change initiatives. In Memphis, TN, she launched Imagine Memphis that brought over 900 youth and adults together through purposeful conversations. She is a coalition coach to bring about greater cross-community collaboration in the education and health sectors.   Mary Jo has strong sensibility to various organizational cultures–corporate, governmental, and community.


Session Overview:

A recent series of Gallup polls focusing on employee engagement reported that over 70% of American workers are not fully engaged in their work.   In today’s competitive workplace, profitability and sustainability are challenged when only two-thirds of all employees are less than motivated to be productive!

Innovation has significantly impacted Operations, Service, and Strategy.   However, management innovation that engages employees is a new frontier.    With four different generations working side by side in the workplace today, leaders must embrace the highest and best strategies to engage, connect and convert employee talents and their efforts for high performance to meet company objectives.   Innovation Through Engagement will provide attendees with practical examples.   It is through engagement that we can bring about innovation; it is through management innovation that we can bring about engagement.


“I asked Mary Jo to be a speaker at the 2015 Florida Local Government IS Association’s Annual Conference in Naples Florida. As soon as she arrived she immersed herself in the event by attending other presentations and interacting with the attendees. The result was a unique and educational presentation. I truly appreciate Mary Jo taking the time to attend the conference and sharing her thoughts and experiences.“    Lawrence DiGioia, Information Services Director, City of Altamonte Springs 

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