Mary Jo Greil, EdD, PCC

In addition to Mary Jo Greil, the Carson Greil Group has associates who bring their unique expertise to client engagements.   Mary Jo has worked with each of these associates over many years and is grateful for her partnership with these professionals

Elizabeth Selleck Maher co-designs and co-facilitates leadership development programs.  Mary Jo and Elizabeth have been delivering their unique leadership programs for many years. Click here for more on Elizabeth Selleck Maher.

Sophia Cole co-facilitates the Learning Styles workshop with Mary Jo.  She shares her perspective as a client of Mary Jo, as well as partners with her in the delivery of this engaging session – both in-person and virtually.   Sophia has over twenty years in corporate management in Fortune 50 companies.  Click here for more on Sophia Cole.

Debbie Asberry participated in one of the first Leadership Circle Profile certification sessions and is exceptional in providing interpretation of the 360 feedback results.  For clients who are interested in using the LCP, Debbie provides administration and results interpretation services.   Mary Jo taps into Debbie’s interpretation expertise to then provide the needed coaching services for her clients. Click here for more on Deborah Asberry.

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