Bringing together diverse groups of women who want to expand their leadership influence is Mary Jo’s strength. She provides an environment with activities and reflection opportunities that invite them to clarify their signature strength, discover outdated beliefs, and test drive practices to accelerate meaningful change. Through this work, the group often takes action in new ways.  

The Women Leaders in Healthcare Retreat
“Going from Striving to Thriving”
Typical audience: Women in leadership positions in healthcare
Length: One day

  • Are you in a leadership position in healthcare?
  • Would you like to learn practices to advance your leadership?
  • Are you interested in developing professional relationships with a diverse group of leaders across the region?

The Women Leaders in Healthcare Retreat will be the ideal place for you to gain greater clarity on what you care about and even develop professional relationships with other women across the region!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you can expect at this Exclusive Live Retreat. You will:

  • experience a process for moving from striving to thriving in your career…
  • see how to practically apply the process to an area of your life…
  • discover practices to advance your commitment to change…
  • gain new insights from other women leaders who are in the healthcare industry…
  • enjoy small circle discussions and exercises that are fun, insightful and empowering…
  • … and much, MUCH More!

Schedule this Exclusive Live Retreat where you can make connections with other thought leaders from across the region who want to move from striving to thriving.

Facilitator: Mary Jo Greil, EdD, PCC

Women’s Leadership Program: Purposeful Choices
Typical audience: Women at all levels of leadership
Length: Over 2 – 3 months

Targets development of key business leadership competencies on a professional and personal level through the following highly interactive experiences:

  • Learn a strategic perspective in building a strong professional profile and network
  • Develop paths for career and business growth
  • Strengthen professional leadership competencies and presence
  • Receive one-on-one coaching after the workshop

This program offers a holistic curriculum during two half-day sessions followed by one-on-one coaching and reconvening the participants over three months. Focus is on deeper discovery of purposeful choices for women leaders by identifying/clarifying:

  • Personal Brand
  • Peak Performance and Self-Awareness
  • Social Network Mapping
  • New Leadership Behaviors