Typical Audience: Executive Leadership Team; Senior Organizational Leaders

Length:   Over six months

Focus is on capacity development of your top leadership team and senior leaders. Our Leader Studio is designed to fit your work schedule and calibrate with your organizational culture. Leadership development is integrated into your business through such linkages as:

  • leadership development and strategic planning
  • leadership development and bottom-line performance
  • leadership development and innovation
  • leadership development and project implementation

During this series of 2-day seminars over six months, our leadership consultants will…

  • Organize group action learning projects in which participants apply what they’ve learned to real life situations directly related to business goals and objectives
  • Create a learning environment that accelerates participants’ self-reflection for effective leadership action
  • Facilitate exercises that help participants find practical ways to use their strengths in their work and personal lives
  • Focus on each participant as an individual, while also creating a sense of community in the group that is generative beyond the program


  • Builds leadership capacity and capability for the long haul
  • Provides a common learning language supporting the business culture
  • Develops new ways to look at existing challenges
  • Increases the capacity to deal with accelerating complexity and changes
  • Delivers top/bottom-line results

We have seen these programs work dozens of times, benefiting participants individually and the organizations as a whole.

“The Leader Studio… is a vital component of our strategy and a valuble gift to those who aspire to be better leaders of our company.”

Lawrence D. McClure
Former Senior VP
Human Resources, Liz Claiborne Inc.

Contact Mary Jo Greil now to discuss your organization’s needs and explore how our Leader Studio could benefit you.