Typical audience:    Executive Leadership Team & Organization
Length:   Over 9 months

A clear way to determine the effectiveness of your leadership team is to start with the employees assessing the culture of your organization using the Leadership Culture Survey.   This survey…

  • delivers a powerful “litmus” test of your leadership culture. 
  • reveals valuable data from your organization
  •  compares current leadership culture to the optimal culture they desire.
  • reveals key opportunities for leadership development.
  • measures how your leadership culture compares to other similar organizations.   

If your leadership team members want to deepen their level of self-awareness of their individual impact on the culture, we use the most reliable 360 leadership assessment tool noted by Case Western Reserve University, which is the Leadership Circle Profile.    The common language from both instruments and the richness of the tools accelerate the understanding of the impact of one’s leadership on the culture.  One-on-one coaching for each of the executive team members as well as team coaching advances desired transformation.