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 At Carson Greil, we believe effective leadership begins with self-awareness (i.e. “It is first who you are; then what you do.”). This approach is grounded in various development theories while using exercises and activities that capture the willingness of participants to deepen their learning. Programs are customized and engaging.

Key program attributes:

  • Focuses first on developing participants’ understanding of themselves, their positions, and their relationships—then on applying this knowledge in their day-to-day work environment.
  • Customizes services to fit your unique organizational culture and needs.
  • Listens and facilitates active learning exercises enabling participants to realize more of their potential and increase their effectiveness as leaders.
  • Provides a creative learning environment suited to small or large groups, and can be adapted to a range of personnel, from new professionals to senior management, from intact teams to a mixture of individuals from different business units.

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