Leadership Development

Increasing the capacity of your leaders and/or leadership team members to be more effective can be achieved through customized programs designed to meet the needs and expectations of the organization.   Some of the frequently selected leadership development programs offered by the Carson Greil Group include, but not exclusively limited to, the below:

Learning Styles

Typical audience: Program for all organizations
Length: 2-3 hour session

Clarifying one’s learning style is only one part of this engaging workshop.   The real challenge for leaders is to influence others–especially those with different learning styles. Throughout this session participants will gain a deeper appreciation and value of diverse learning styles.   

In addition, participants will learn how to include in subtle and yet effective ways the learning styles of others in various situations – presentations, one-on-one development sessions, project staffing, etc.    

Desired Outcomes for the Participants:

■ Learn a perspective about the nature of learning that is relevant in daily life.

■ Increase self-awareness through understanding one’s individual learning style.

■ Broaden understanding and appreciation of different learning styles among each other, which can be practiced through your daily working together.

■ Practice with a framework that utilizes all four learning styles.

Frequent Comments:

  • “Very practical. I can readily use this today when I return to my work”
  • “Very enthusiastic approach”
  • “Great balance of learning more about myself, and applying it immediately”

Contact us to discuss how we can respond to your specific circumstances.

Executive Presence

Typical audience: Participants in a leadership development program
Length: 2 hours – 1/2 day

“To every person there comes in their lifetime that special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for the work which could be their finest hour.”                                                                                             – Winston Churchill

What is it about a leader that captures your trust and incites action?

Leadership presence is the assessment others have of our capacity to act powerfully and skillfully in the present moment.”

This quote from Richard Strozzi-Heckler, founder of the Strozzi Institute, is the focus that Mary Jo Greil brings to this leadership development program. Through group participation and experiential learning, Mary Jo introduces leadership practices that can produce proven results.

Desired Outcomes for the Participants:

  • Learn how to use tools to connect brain and gut sensations.
  • Practice somatic techniques for shifting moods from anxiety to curiosity.
  • Increase awareness of sensing executive presence in others.
  • Experience shifts in one’s own body positioning for effective action.

“Mary Jo delivers a thought-leadership session which is a masters-level on leadership development.”

Hunter Muller, President & CEO, HMG Strategy, LLC

“She was able to understand my strengths and put those to work for me. But also understood what I needed to work on to improve my communication skills, executive presence and to enhance my own leadership style. She has been an objective sounding board for developing approaches, ideas and strategies. Mary Jo understands business strategies and knows how to execute on ideas that are currently relevant in the current business environment. I now have a productive team and am successfully facilitating strategy sessions with my peers and stakeholders.”

Jan Wagner, Former Director 
Planning and Sales at a Major Financial
Services Company

Mary Jo [gave] me a clarity into my assumptions and provided a sounding board for solving challenges difficult to share with others close to me. I have learned my strengths and use them in dealing with everyday issues. In understanding what is my essence and what are my values, I can easily make better choices for long-term goals. Mary Jo helps bring the day-to-day challenges into a kaleidoscope of alternatives, providing for better solutions.”

Frances B. Craig, President
Unanet Technologies
Sterling, Virginia

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