“At a point in my life when I was feeling great stress from extensive travel for my corporate work, I thought that tapping into my creative energy might help to calm my mind and ground me.

 One exercise during a workshop was to move to classical music while lifting and expanding large colorful fabric.  We then used pastel chalks to create our inner experience on flip chart paper.   Although I felt I had no idea what I was doing, I found I had tapped into deep feelings within me and the result was “Grace.”   

Putting words to this art work was another part of the process. For example, the purple circle represents my center, or soul. The waves of colors are energies from a higher power beyond me—what I would name God. Grace is the multitude of energies that gently hold and support me throughout life.    

The more centered and grounded I become, the more I experience the presence of Grace in life. At the same time, the more I am aware of the presence of Grace in my life, the more centered and grounded I become. Grace is fluid … flowing through me to others in my sphere of influence.”