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maryjoMary Jo Greil and the Carson Greil team provide multiple programs designed and customized for each presentation. See additional programs in Leadership Development

Program overview:
Innovation Through Engagement with optional work session.

Innovation has significantly impacted Operations, Service, and Strategy. However, management innovation that engages employees is a new frontier.  Innovation Through Engagement provides attendees with practical examples. It is through engagement that we can bring about innovation; it is through management innovation that we can bring about engagement.

The audience hears stories and practical examples that support the following key messages:

  • Linkage between engagement and innovation
  • Organizational change starts with knowing how people change
  • Employee Engagement is strategic and multi-dimensional
  • Accelerators:   3 R’s for results (Reflective skills, Relationships and Resiliency)

Participants receive several handouts, including an Organizational Framework that helps increase people engagement back on the job.

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I asked Mary Jo to be a speaker at the 2015 Florida Local Government IS Association’s Annual Conference in Naples, Florida. As soon as she arrived, she immersed herself in the event by attending other presentations and interacting with the attendees. The result was a unique and educational presentation. I truly appreciate Mary Jo taking the time to attend the conference and sharing her thoughts and experiences. 

Lawrence DiGioia
Information Services Director, City of Altamonte Springs


Innovation Through Engagement

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