Mary Jo [gave] me a clarity into my assumptions and provided a sounding board for solving challenges difficult to share with others close to me. I have learned my strengths and use them in dealing with everyday issues. In understanding what is my essence and what are my values, I can easily make better choices for long term goals. Mary Jo helps bring the day to day challenges into a kaleidoscope of alternatives, providing for better solutions.”

Frances B. Craig, President
Unanet Technologies
Sterling, Virginia

“Mary Jo offers a keen insight into situations and people that promotes open thinking and allows me to see things in a different way. She brings clarity to issues that stand in the way of my success and initiates dialogue necessary for progress. I know that I have not only grown as a leader but also as a person as a result of her executive coaching.”

Vicki Smith, CPA, CITP,
Director of Information Technology
Helena Chemical Company

“Mary Jo is very insightful about how organizations and individuals function. She has years of practical business experience and knows what it takes to get things done efficiently. She brings this unique background, along with an intense desire to help individuals grow, to any assignment. She adds significant, long lasting value.”

Mark A. Suwyn, Former CEO
Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

“When you practice the methods Mary Jo Greil teaches in her somatics class, you will learn what it takes to overcome the negative self-talk streaming through your mind, and to be present and strong in your relationships with others as you pursue your goals.”

Bren L. Buckley, JD
MBA, Commercial Real Estate Executive

“She was able to understand my strengths and put those to work for me. But also understood what I needed to work on to improve my communication skills, executive presence and to enhance my own leadership style. She has been an objective sounding board for developing approaches, ideas and strategies. Mary Jo understands business strategies and knows how to execute on ideas that are currently relevant in the current business environment. I now have a productive team and am successfully facilitating strategy sessions with my peers and stakeholders.”

Jan Wagner, Director
Planning and Sales at a Major Financial
Services Company

“On a 1-10 scale, Mary Jo was a 15!”

Monika Lutz, Chief Executive Officer
Jet Airways of the U.S.

“I was reflecting on our week of manager meetings in LAX and wanted to send you a special thanks for your time and contribution to a most successful week of meetings. Your material, presentation of same and engaging interactions enhanced the week for all concerned at Jet Airways of the U.S. I am confident we all walked away and returned to our respective base locations with a new found sense of energy and knowledge that will certainly play a role in where our company will move forward and land in the future. Thank you again. You have a special talent, knowledge and service.”

Tim Robinson, Director of Sales and Operations 
Jet Airways of the U.S.