teamphotoCoalition Coaching

With a background in organizational effectiveness and qualified thru the Center for Creative Leadership, Mary Jo provides coalition coaching with proven results.

This type of coaching brings people together across all types of boundaries (e.g. multiple functions in a single organization; key stakeholders across multiple organizations, etc.). Coalition coaching develops capacity among a group of stakeholders for their own self-management and effectiveness

Benefits from Coalition Coaching include:

  • Broadens participants’ understanding of the issue(s) by learning new perspectives from each other.
  • Brings about effective action and results toward a common cause that can only occur through collaboration.
  • Builds the collaborative capacity among community members using Boundary Spanning research from the Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Provides tools and capabilities for the members to leverage their new skill sets into their own groups/organizations/communities.
  • Forms a ‘power-block’, in some instances, to escalate attention an/or need for resources to address the issue.

“As the coalition coach of our emerging multi-agency work group, Mary Jo Greil provided us with a deeper understanding of our validity, purpose and power. Her encouragement and counsel supported our forward momentum as we planned and developed an early childhood obesity prevention campaign. When we found ourselves in uncharted waters, she offered insightful questions or exercises to guide members’ thought processes towards the best strategic path and a common ground.” Cathy Marcinko, Grant Development Coordinator at Le Bonheur Community Health and Well-Being.


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