Leadership Coaching with Positive Intelligence

This Leadership Coaching delivers a powerful booster using Positive Intelligence to develop core mental muscles.  Just as we go the gym to build our physical muscles, through the PI Mental Fitness Program, you will clarify which inner mental muscles need to be strengthened to experience successful transformative change. 

Program duration:  8-weeks

  • Six weeks of new content delivered daily via an easy-to-use App
    • 60 minutes of recorded video delivered each week and
    • Daily exercises to practice for a total of 20 minutes throughout each day
  • Eight weeks of Coaching:
  • Week One:
    • a private one-hour session to set your intentions/goals for the program
    • one-hour facilitated Group Session for introductions & Pi orientation
  • Weeks Two through Seven:
    • a weekly one-hour Facilitated Group Session to inspire, challenge, and integrate your learnings
  • Week Eight:
    • a one-hour Facilitated Group Session to capture new learnings, celebrate results, and identify next steps

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