Deborah Asberry is a partner of CommunityWorks, Inc. CommunityWorks, Inc., is a consulting firm dedicated and experienced in providing design, consultation and facilitation to organizations desiring to enter into a process that leads to healthy, authentic and productive systems.  Her role at CommunityWorks, Inc. is as senior consultant in leadership development, organizational culture and process consultation.   Her primary emphasis is in working with complex systems as they seek to find innovative ways to navigate times of uncertainty and chaos. She has worked extensively with congregations of women religious, faith based non-profits, and community boards.  She has been a partner with CommunityWorks, Inc. for eighteen years.

Debbie’s approach to supporting organizations is to partner with them in order to further develop their capacity to realize the mission and vision of their system.  She brings the use of organizational development theory and practice, as well as best practices in the related fields of systems theory, emergence and chaos theory,  organizational psychology, business management and human development.  She is certified as an executive coach with the Center for Archetypal Studies and Applications (CASA).  Carol Pearson, Ph.D. is the president of this organization and has developed a process of identifying archetypes (psychological structures) that operate within individuals and systems and explains how these archetypes influence the organizational culture, organizational productivity and product development. In order to better understand and apply Theory Uin her practice, in 2009 Debbie took part in a five week intensive web seminar sponsored by The Presencing Institute of MIT.   The course was taught by Otto Scharmer. 

Her earlier career included teaching children, hearing and deaf, who exhibited behaviors suggestive of emotional disturbance.  In partnership with a group of child psychiatrists and Washington Township Metropolitan School District of Indianapolis, she designed and implemented a therapeutic educational program that supported the educational and emotional needs of children unable to function in a public school setting.  It was during that time that she became involved with St. Vincent Hospital and Health System and worked within their Organizational Development Department to support the organization during a time of significant redesign and cultural change.  Her professional career started as a teacher at the Indiana School for the Deaf.

Debbie is a consultant, teacher, and writer.  In addition to her consulting practice she is an adjunct professor at the University of Indianapolis.  She teaches in the School for Adult Learning, an accelerated program for non- traditional students.  In 2012 she organized city wide reading circles exploring Parker Palmer’s book Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit.  Related to this civic initiative, she helped organize and design a community gathering for over 400 people.  The gathering was a non-partisan event designed to explore ways in which each of us can move beyond the politics of fear and divisiveness in order to reclaim civility and authenticity in our public conversations. In 2015, Debbie co-founded and is co-leading a state-wide coalition of over 20 agencies and organizations focusing on redistricting reform.  She is in leadership roles at the state and local level for League of Women Voters of Indiana. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University and a Master’s degree from Butler University.  She is married and has two adult sons. She and her husband reside in Indianapolis.