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After 20 years in senior business management and leading large-scale change initiatives, Mary Jo Greil formed the Carson Greil Group when she saw a need to provide leadership capacity development through engaging the talents and expertise of others. Mary Jo and her associates draw upon a broad repertoire of expertise to customize programs that help individual leaders, teams and/or organizations create new meaning/new perspectives/new ways of working together, etc. The results include increased alignment, revived energy, strengthened relationships, effective action, and practical solutions.

The Carson Greil Group specializes in:

  • Individual Executive Coaching to help individuals clarify their focus, improve internal alignment and meet their ever-changing challenges today.  Mary Jo works with executives to advance their leadership effectiveness and executive presence starting with focus on an inside/out approach (i.e. “who am I rather than what I do”).  She draws upon strategies and insights from her business management experience, coaching certifications from two ICF certified coaching programs, and years of successfully coaching executives and business leaders. 
  • Group Coaching to bring together a diverse group of mid-level to senior managers who are seeking to accelerate their professional development.  The eight-week Positive Intelligence program is one of the latest approaches being used for professional development.
  • Leadership Development to support businesses and the individuals within them to increase their capacity to achieve and build an engaging culture that delivers top/bottom-line results.  Customized programs are created through partnering with the client.  


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